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About Us

Saengsiri Demolition Co. Ltd. provides demolition services for high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, homes and all other types of structures, reclaims metal structures and wood, requests authorization for demolition and coordinates with relevant government agencies. We have the technical capability, modern machinery, on-site oversight staff, safety engineers, specialized operators and over 15 years of experience to offer our services with confidence. Simply contact us to have our team and experts carry out an evaluation of your project completely free of charge.


Standard demolition machinery may not be applicable to certain locations, which is why our company has acquired cutting edge tools that allow us to operate effectively in differing settings, tools such as Wall Saw, Hand Saw and Wire Saw Concrete Cutters for use in high-rise buildings, coring tools, concrete bursting tools, demolition hammers, bar cutters, etc.


Saengsiri Demolition Co. Ltd. provides training to its staff to ensure they understand the importance of safety and work with safety as their utmost priority.


Saengsiri Demolition Co. Ltd. regularly updates its machinery to the most modern backhoes, booms, thumbs and breakers for use on high-rise buildings. We utilize remote controlled robotic machinery in demolition operations and a variety of other machines adapted to different conditions.

Management of Demolition Debris

With care for the environment, Saengsiri Demolition Co. Ltd. reuses much of the material and debris the results from demolition. Conserving the environment and natural resources has always been one of our commitments.


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